5 generations and 146 years of history has shaped the iconic


The Hall Family welcomes you to share in their history, and explore the natural beauty of Rochavon.

The story of Rochavon begins with the pioneering Hall family of Ireland.

The Hall family sailed from Ireland in 1853, in search of adventure and opportunity in the new world.

After working the goldfields of Australia, Andrew and Mary Hall arrived in the deep south of New Zealand in 1864, and establishing Rochavon 1873.

The Sheep of Rochavon.

In short time Rochavon established its reputation as an agricultural pioneer of Southland. The Rochavon Southdown Sheep Stud was deeply influential throughout the region.

In 1991 Rochavon began importing Oxford rams from England, establishing their Oxford Sheep Stud. New Zealand’s pristine natural environment, coupled with this English breeding heritage, gives rise to luxurious slink lamb shearling.

Pristine alpine waters and natural rolling grasslands of New Zealand; perfect conditions for sustainable farming.

The family recognised New Zealand's exquisite natural quality; the world's very best natural produce, grown as nature intended. 

The Hall family was instrumental in the establishment of what has become

Alliance Group, New Zealand’s leading supplier of lamb to the international markets.




The Reputation of Rochavon.

The breed of sheep has changed, the cows are gone, but 5 generations later the family continues in the tradition of their forebears at Rochavon.

Rochavon is a proud partner and supplier to Slinkskins.

Our shearling proudly embodies the story of

Rochavon of New Zealand;

a story in which we invite you to join.

Andrew & Roseanne Hall (and Poppy)